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Agile Business Analysis (AgileBA) Foundation

Not only has Dot been a Scrum Master, an agile coach and an agile trainer since the very first days of the agile movement. She is also the most capable person I know of and has stayed at a very high level for a number of years: She was awarded Best Agile Coach and Mentor UK Agile Awards 2011 and was a finalist for most valuable UK Agile Player in 2012, 2013 and 2014. What is even more important for me is that Dot is passionate about Agile. Dot’s passion is visible due to all the international presentations Dot has done over the years. Furthermore her passion can be experienced in trainings, conversations, meetings, and in her books. It is clear that Dot really believes in the agile idea and that she has numerous examples from assignments in insurance companies, business consultancies, computer games companies, major banks, government and Local Authorities. Despite a busy schedule, Dot is always very(!) helpful in helping out and knows how to navigate in the agile universe (relevant conferences, who to ask etc.). Dot’s training ability Dot’s commitment to agile is very clear in her trainings. I have trained and certified a lot of people in the agile field myself, so it is easy for me to see that she really (!) knows the agile theories and gives a large number of great examples from her career as a Scrum Master and as an Agile Coach in many different projects and organisations. On top of that – and in my mind that is the most important – she “radiates” the agile idea to me and to my fellow course participants. This improves the experience as well as the learning for everyone participating in her courses. I always try to aim high as an agile professional. Therefore I always go for Dots courses, when I want to learn more in the agile field, because she has a vast experience and an ability to give the right answers – even to very difficult questions. Training is many things and I believe Dot has tried every aspect. A few weeks back, I joined the first Agile BA® course in the world, held by Dot. The book was written with Dot as the lead author, Dot had developed the training material, Dot had been deeply involved in writing the questions for the certification together with APMG, just to mention the things that were visible to us participants. Of course Dot focused on the learning objectives – needless to say that all participants passed the certification. Agile is very much about trust and collaboration. This is what Dot represents. There are never any doubts that you can trust her and collaboration is so easy. (more)
14 August 2015

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