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TCC offers a range of Agile, Business Analysis and Project Management training, including APMG Agile Project Management, Scrum, DSDM Atern, Agile Business Analysis and BCS Business Analysis courses.

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Are projects frequently late, over budget, not meeting your business goals, or all three?

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Business Analysis Practice

Jerry Humphreys is clearly a very knowledgeable man with a wealth of experience to offer to candidates. He explained the course material very well and he had his own way of describing items that made a lot of sense, with a great deal of clarity and real life experiences and analogies. I found the training centre to be excellent, the best one i have been to in fact. The facilities, equipment, food and drinks provided were plentiful. I also found the directions to the centre were very detailed and i had no difficulties finding it. The information i received before my training was also very detailed and received in plenty of time. My only concern is that i didn't seem to have enough time to complete the exam! All in all, i thoroughly enjoyed the course, i felt i learnt a great deal from it and i very much look forward to doing more with you. Many thanks, Daley Wear, allpay Limited (more)
05 April 2017

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