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TCC to sponsor and present at the Agile Business Conference 2013

Date: Tuesday, September 17, 2013

TCC will be sponsoring the Agile Business Conference for the seventh consecutive year. The event will be held at the Inmarsat Conference Centre in London on the 9th - 10th October 2013. The Agile Business Conference is a major, two-day annual event held in London, providing a single forum for everyone interested in the effective application of Agile.

The theme for the Agile Business Conference this year is exploring Agile as the mature and inclusive approach for the management, development and delivery of Projects, Programmes and Products in any sector from any culture.

Come and visit our stand

TCC will be exhibiting at the event and will be on hand to discuss the latest developments and showcase our comprehensive portfolio of Agile training and award winning consultancy services.

Join us for our presentations

"Agile Business Analysis - Keep the Customer Satisfied!"

Date/Time: October 9th 2013 (Day 1) - 10.30-11.05
Presented by: Dot Tudor, Technical Director at TCC.

How is Agile business analysis different from traditional business analysis? Is it just the same stuff, but faster? Do we need Business Analysts at all in Agile projects? Do Agile Business Analysts need to learn new skills?

Join us as we investigate the elements of Agile Business Analysis that go beyond user stories and frequent demos, into agile behaviours and skills to work with solution developers, testers and customers to produce the best value for the customer and for the business.

"Family Investments Case Study - Dealing with a speculative project in an emerging Agile culture"

Date/Time: October 9th 2013 (Day 1) - 11.30-12.05
Presented by: Dot Tudor, Technical Director at TCC.
Shaun White, Senior Business Change Analyst at Family Investments.
Matthew Spottiswoode at Family Investments.

Speculative projects are always difficult to justify. When is a speculative business case really enough justification to commit to the development? How does the Agile environment support the decision to go ahead with a speculative project? We will work through the project lifecycle, providing you with details of: how Agile was being adopted within the organisation; the changing business case for the proposed development. At each pertinent stage you will be given the opportunity to give your opinion of "Go" or "No Go". Will you agree with our Committee of Management and Executive Team? Our case study will look at our use of application architecture, Scrum and DSDM alongside the changes being made to support the emerging Agile culture within the organisation. Were the stakeholders convinced of our ability to deliver a scalable team to deal with changes in the business case and project proposition? What was the outcome?………. Take part and see!!

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