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TCC Awarded ELCAS Approved Learning Provider Status on the MOD Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme

Date: Wednesday, November 22, 2023

In a significant milestone for TCC, the company has proudly announced its accreditation by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service (ELCAS), which provides funding to train Armed Forces personnel. This prestigious recognition positions TCC as an ELCAS Approved Learning Provider, further solidifying its dedication to supporting military personnel in their pursuit of post-service education and career development.

ELCAS accreditation is a coveted designation in the United Kingdom, signifying that TCC has met the rigorous standards set by the MOD to offer educational and training programs to Armed Forces personnel transitioning to civilian life.

TCC, known for its innovative approach to training and education, has long recognised the immense potential and talent of military personnel. By becoming an ELCAS Approved Learning Provider, TCC is now in a prime position to offer a range of high-quality training programs and educational opportunities that meet the needs and skill sets of the Armed Forces.

Jonathan Tudor, of TCC, expressed his pride in this achievement, saying, "Becoming an ELCAS Accredited Training Provider is a significant moment for us. We have always held a deep respect for the dedication and discipline that military personnel bring to their roles. This accreditation allows us to extend our support to them, helping them gain the skills and certification that will enable them to transition smoothly into civilian careers in Project Management, Business Analysis and other civilian roles."

ELCAS, administered by the Ministry of Defence in the UK, provides financial support to eligible service personnel to undertake higher-level learning and training. This includes a variety of programs, from vocational training to university degrees.

TCC offers a range of courses relevant to many industries, including technology, healthcare, business management, and more. This breadth of offerings ensures that members of the Armed Forces can find programs that align with their interests and career goals. With the ELCAS accreditation, these programs become more accessible than ever for those who serve, or have served, in the military who can now use their ELC credits to help fund their training. The company's dedicated staff will assist military personnel in choosing the right courses, navigating the accreditation process, and accessing ELC funding.

For more information about TCC's ELCAS-accredited training – including agile, project management and business analysis courses – please contact us or find us on the ELCAS Approved Learning Provider Register under provider ID 12982.

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