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Business Analyst Job Description

Purpose of a Job Description

A job description has a lifecycle, beginning when a position in an organisation needs to be filled. It forms part of the advertisements for the job, informs the questions that are asked during the job interview with and ultimately guides the job holder through day-to-day work and performance reviews. It usually forms a part of the contract between employer and employee, and must not be too prescriptive; a job will evolve over time and detail which is over-specific (e.g. exact tools to be used) will quickly become out of date.

A well-thought-out job description also spells out the knowledge, abilities and skills required to perform a job successfully. These are helpful for employee training and career development, performance management, rewards and recognition.

When it comes to job descriptions, flexibility is the key to making them a useful tool. A more generic job description, emphasizing expectations and accountabilities rather than specific tasks, will encourage employees and managers to focus on outcomes and results rather than activities.


A Business Analyst Job Description

There are different types and levels of business analyst, including:

Whatever the level, requirements are at the heart of the business analyst’s role. Developing solutions to business problems and opportunities begins with investigating, defining, analysing and recording requirements.

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