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Privacy Policy

TCC takes your privacy very seriously.

In the world today, there are very few of us who do not receive more than our fair share of both unsolicited email and email which, whilst we consented to receiving it, is of little interest to us.

Whilst we can't put an end to the world's spam (believe us, we wish we could!), we do see it as our responsibility to protect and respect your information. We also believe that, as far as possible, any information that you receive from us should be relevant to you, as an individual, rather than as a member of a generic mailing list.

We want to provide you with three promises.

Our promises

We promise that, whatever happens:

  1. TCC will NEVER pass your details to a third party, so you can rest assured that if you should choose to provide us with information about yourself, this will remain with us, and us alone.
  2. TCC will do everything we can to ensure that when we email you, we do so only with your permission and, as far as possible, only with information which will be of interest.
  3. In each of our email communications with you, we will offer you an easy way to choose the information which is of interest to you, thus allowing you to tailor what you receive from us. We will also make it easy for you to remove yourself from our mailings entirely, should you choose to do so.

How we use your information

We generally collect information for four purposes:

  1. To allow us to provide a service to you that requires the collection of this information. For example, we may collect your contact address when you book a place on a public course such that we can send you the pre-course reading.
  2. To keep you informed of our products and services, as well as to send you articles and information that we believe will be of interest to you. Naturally, the quantity and type of information you receive from us in this category is fully configurable.
  3. To investigate our target audience in order to better understand our customers and their needs. For example, we may use information about your location to build a picture of the geographic location of our customers in general which could help us to target the locations of our public training to increase accessibility.
  4. To track the use of our site so that we can improve the experience you receive whilst interacting with us. This would include activities such as identifying areas of our site that are difficult to navigate (by observing the routes visitors take through our site) and observing trends in the browsers our visitors use to ensure that we can optimise our site to best suit you.

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