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Join us at Best Practice Showcase to find out the truth about Agile Project Management

Date: Monday, June 13, 2011

TCC will present 5 round table sessions at the upcoming Best Practice Showcase on the 17th June 2011 in London.

Now in its ninth year, Best Practice Showcase aims to create an environment to meet and share experiences with peers in project, programme and risk management.  The format is based around a series of “Birds of a Feather” round table discussion sessions (BoF), delivered by experts and consultants who present ideas and share experiences with the PPM community.  The Birds of a Feather round tables seat 10-12 people and each table is hosted by a moderator and focuses on a specific topic.

TCC will be focusing on Agile Project Management and the session will be moderated by our founder and Technical Director, Dot Tudor.  Dot has been involved with business change projects for more than thirty years.  She is a certified Agile Coach, an Accredited DSDM Atern Practitioner, Trainer and Examiner, a Certified Scrum Master and also a Certified Professional Facilitator, to name but a few.  She coaches projects worldwide, runs workshops, facilitates interactive events and is a recognised conference speaker.

The session, entitled “Agile Project Management – The Truth”, will give everyone attending the chance to ask questions and learn more about Agile Project Management.  Attendees will also have the opportunity to see what the new examinations look like for the Agile Project Management certification from the APMG and DSDM Consortium.  Full details of the session are included below. 

We look forward to seeing some of you there!


Agile Project Management – The Truth

Chairperson: Dot Tudor, TCC.

Session time slot

Session One | Friday 17 June | 09:30-10:15
Session Two | Friday 17 June | 10:45-11:30
Session Three | Friday 17 June | 12:00-12:45
Session Four | Friday 17 June | 14:15-15:00
Session Five | Friday 17 June | 15:30-16:15


Everything you always wanted to know about Agile Project Management, but were afraid to ask - or didn't know who to ask - or kept asking and getting different and conflicting answers.

This session will:
... give you the facts about Agile PM;
... give you a chance to get those questions answered;
... and let you see what the new examinations look like for the Agile Project Management certification now available from the APMG and the DSDM Consortium.

Birds of a Feather Programme

The full Birds of a Feather programme can be viewed here.

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